Crypton Fabric Protector

Your new purchase looks beautiful. How will it look six months from now?

Keep your furniture looking like new without the use of harsh solvents with our certifiably green Crypton Protection Program offered by FrontRoom Furnishings. FrontRoom Furnishings has joined forces with Crypton Super Fabrics to bring you the most advanced, effective and eco-friendly warranted furniture protection for fabric, vinyl & blended leather furniture.

Benefits of Crypton Fabric Protection

  • Advanced fabric protectors encapsulate each fiber to repel stains, prevent bacteria growth and resist life’s mishaps.
  • Crypton Protectors contain natural additives help reduce fading and repel dust when applied to fabric, blended leather and vinyl surfaces.
  • Our treatments are part of the next generation of stain repellents that make them safer and greener — and superior at eliminating most stains.
  • Crypton Protection Programs will help you extend the life and appearance of your new furniture so you can Live Clean and Live Green.

We’ve got you covered. Really.

If you purchase our Crypton fabric protector, your upholstered furniture will be warranted by FrontRoom Furnishings for a full five years from the date of delivery against stains caused by the common household mishaps listed on the following chart.* Whether you purchase fabric, vinyl or blended leather, we’ve got you covered. Multiple stains caused over a period of time and not immediately cleaned are deemed as general soiling and not covered under this warranty. We will also provide you with the proper cleaning products as needed. For the tough stains, we will send our professional, trained, technicians to your home to clean the affected area, and if necessary, send a professional upholstery cleaner to remove the tough stains.

Furniture maintenance is as easy as 1-2-3 with Crypton fabric protection

1. If a spill occurs, blot with a clean dry cloth or sponge.

2. If you received Crypton cleaning products with your warranty purchase, then select the appropriate product and follow the directions to remove the stain.

3. If you do not have the Crypton cleaners, then proceed to step three.

If the stain remains, call FrontRoom Furnishings Customer Service within thirty days.

FrontRoom Furnishings Customer Service:
614-345-0200 or 877-345-SOFA

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